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While bitcoin has consistently been the pioneer in the realm of crypto currencies, there have been few other crypto currencies like Ducatus coin that have made their own space with some amazing development in the course of recent years.

Discussing the term ' crypto currency' the entire reason for making them was to revolutionise the digital currency domain while making a virtual currency that is easy to exchange and was away from the government guidelines and control.

In the course of recent years, there have been sure crypto currencies like Ducatus coin or Ducatus crypto currency, that have additionally allowed individuals to get along with their daily purchase routines like purchasing food supplies, online shopping, having coffee and, etc. All things considered, how about we look through to the list of some of the most trending crypto currencies other than bitcoin.

1. Ethereum

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If there's one crypto currency that has proved to be the nearest alternative of the bitcoin, it is Ethereum. It is decentralized programming that encourages smart contracts and decentralized applications to be run and worked with no sort of misrepresentation, duping or any interference from the outside.

All the applications on Ethereum run on its platform bound cryptographic token with the name Ether. Founded in the year 2015, it currently stands as the second-biggest crypto currency regarding the market cap, after the Bitcoin.

2. Ripple

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Perhaps the most compelling reason behind the growing popularity of Ripple is that it facilitates the cross border payments for the banks at real low rates. Launched in the year 2012, Ripple goes about as a global settlement network that gives instant international payments at really low charges.

There is no mining engaged with Ripple and all the Ripple XRP tokens are pre-mined and managed as per the rules of the system in the market. As Ripple's system doesn't need mining, it takes out the necessity of computing power and different sources like on account of Bitcoin.

3. Litecoin

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Founded in the year 2011, Litecoin made its space as the second-best crypto currency after the Bitcoin and frequently been named as ' silver to Bitcoin's gold'. The crypto currency depends on the open-source global payment system that is beyond the interference of any third party or organisation.

Despite the fact that it tosses certain similarities to Bitcoin in numerous perspectives, it accompanies a faster block generation rate and faster transaction confirmation time.

4. Tether

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'Tether' used to be a part of one of the most mainstream' Stable coins' that were made with a reason to coordinate the physical currencies or other volatile legitimate tenders. Launched in the year 2014, Tether is a blockchain-empowered platform that is expertly designed to facilitate the usage of fiat currencies in a digital manner.

5. Ducatus coin

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Inside a span of just 4 years of its launch, Ducatus coin has accomplished some enormous growth and development in terms of its value and global base of investors is concerned. While it operates upon the highly secured block chain network, Ducatus crypto currency additionally allows its clients to shop online for their preferred items and accessories.

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