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With Ducatus E-wallet, you can easily trade and transact with Ducatus coins anywhere around the world.

Besides, you can trade and exchange in Ducatus coins with any other Ducatsu coin user around while making payments to a list of goods and services from various Ducatus affiliate businesses and merchant partners.

With Ducatus e-wallet, you can easily track and monitor your coins, transactions and other activities with your ducatus coins. You can send, receive coins while backing and restoring the e-wallet alongside.

But yes, while you get along with the process, don't forget to keep your account ID and password safe from any third party access

Install ducatus wallet tab

So, what are you waiting for? Discover the amazing world of Ducatus coin with a range of benefits

Download link for Apple users

The download process for Android users

Simply go to Google play store and download the Ducatus e-wallet right from there. Afterwards, simply follow the step by step process and guide; lines regarding 'how to create your Ducatus e-wallet'

Still need help and assistance regarding the download and creation of Ducatus e-wallet, watch this video

Points to ponder about while downloading Ducatus e-wallet

Although it's going to e an e-wallet and not the physical one, you still have to ensure the safety and security of your ducatus e-wallet by every means possible. Doing the same, you can refer to the below-mentioned steps and guidelines.

Backing up your Ducatus e-wallet

Once you start ahead with the creation of the Ducatus e-wallet, you will be asked to back it up during the process. You must not skip this process as it would help you just in case you forget the ID or password or lose the access to the e-wallet in any case.

This step is quite important and once you start with the registration process, do ensure to backup your account

Securing your backup phrase

Once you are done with the backing up of the ducatus e-wallet, its time now to secure the backup phrase. A backup phrase is a kind of password with 12 alphanumeric words and you will get it once you are done with the backing up of the ducatus e-wallet.

This phrase will e your key to your Ducatus coins and will help you to safely store the Ducatus coins at a secured web location. Do ensure to keep this phrase safe and away from any third party access.

Key in the backup phrase the right way

Just in case you have lost the access to the Ducatus e-wallet, this backup phrase will help you in recovering of the same. but yes, you have to ensure that the phrase is keyed in the right way and in the right manner.

Any failure to the same may result in the permanent locking of your ducatus e-wallet.

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